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7 August 1999

Wuppertal Monorail
While Michael and his family went to Susanne's Oma's 85th birthday, we headed back to Elberfeld, to exchange our 7-hour train ticket to Mannheim for a shorter trip. That took another half-hour or more with Frau Greßler. Then we went briefly into Elberfeld to buy stamps and (finally) mail postcards, and stopped for a half-hour at the B7 Internet Café. Then over to Barmen via the busses that replace the Schwebebahn on weekends while they're working on restoration. We shopped for 3 hours, through the old streets of Barmen, and then took the train back to Lennep.

Birthday Boy
Micha already had most of the setup done for his party, and shortly after we got back the caterers came to deliver the food and beer. Laura and I organized and packed a bit, then joined the party for half-hour stretches.

Birthday Party

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