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6 August 1999

Engelbert II
Tante Ilse picked us up after breakfast and drove us and Lea through Remscheid and to the Müngstenerbrücke (Müngsten Bridge), a hundred-year-old marvel of engineering. From there it was a short drive to the ancient town of Burg. We parked the car in Unter Burg and took the open double-seated cable car up to the castle, Schloss Burg.

Inside the Castle
The centuries of history there enchanted us all. It is a beautiful castle, especially the delicately-painted murals. The history of the castle stretched earlier than the Crusades. This is only one of a few fully-restored castles of the era.

Am Eskeshof
A couple of naps later, and Micha drove us all to "Am Eskeshof," a beautiful little bergisches restaurant for Onkel Kurt's birthday meal. We had the patio all to ourselves, while the main hof was crowded. Lea was so excited with all of us there, she couldn't stay still. I split a two-serving meal with Onkel Kurt. A nice time out in the Wuppertal air.

Am Eskeshof

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