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4 August 1999

Laura and Kim
The next day, Laura went to school with Kim. It was different than the USA, besides the language. When greeting their friends they would kiss each other on both cheeks. Also, in German schools there are no dress codes; The sport time was volleyball and the coach asked Laura many questions about America and her school. Laura met a boy whose brother is in Houston as an exchange student. Small world! Afterwards, Jürgen picked them up, dropped Kim off for her homework time, and took Laura back to Michael's house in time for his family birthday party.
Mambo Number 5
In the meantime, back at the Heimlich's, we had a quiet breakfast at home. Because it was his birthday, Michael stayed home from work. The neighbors joined us. Breakfast discussion revolved around yards and landscaping--and the newest hit single, "Mambo Number Five." Sometime after breakfast and catching up on washing whites, Michael and I took a walk (spaziergang) through the fields and woods east of Lennep. A couple of times, we sat and talked a bit. Then shortly after we returned, we had lunch (mittagessen), which is when Jürgen Autschbach brought Laura back.

Birthday Goodies
After lunch, people started arriving a bit early for Michael's birthday. First, Tante Ilse came, having driven Tante Gertrud, Onkel Kurt and Susanne's Oma. Then, two of Susanne's aunts came also and we ate afternoon cake - tasty cheesecake and a wonderful torte that Susanne had made.

Playing Outside
Because it was still so unseasonably warm, we all went outside and watched Lea play in her pool and being swung in a blanket by two aunts! She loved being the center of attention!

We sat and talked until everyone left around 7. Then we had a quiet evening meal, outside. That's when we noticed the interesting sheers in the windows across the street... with Dinosaurs.

Dinosaur Sheers

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